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Lenovo ThinkPad 55Y9336 230W AC Adapter in Japan

  • Model: PCLEs147816211935
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Lenovo ThinkPad 55Y9336 230W AC Adapter

Rate: 230W
Warranty: Full 12 months Warranty
Input Voltage: AC100-240V
Output Voltage: DC20V 11.5A
Plug Size: 6.0mm * 3.0mm
Colour: Black
Weight: 986.7g
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2~9 76.99
More than 10 pcs 74.99
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Hi-Quality brand new  Lenovo ThinkPad 55Y9336 AC Adapter at the most preferred price in Japan.

How to maintain Levovo 55Y9336 adapter ?
I believe that many users have the same feeling: after prolonged use of the notebook,the hottest place is not a body surface, or even near the outlet, but the laptop next to the power ThinkPad 55Y9336 adapter, get up,there is often a hot feeling, really worry it will not suddenly one day strike,or appear whistle, smoke and other faults.
Notebook adapter is a high-precision, high efficiency switching power supply, its role is to be converted to low voltage DC to 100-240 V United States Japan Lenovo 55Y9336 Adapter to provide stable power for the laptop work properly,it can even be called a notebook "power the source ".

(1)exception occurs shall promptly stop using.Loud noise or smoke in the 55Y9336 adapter is often damaged or malfunction,should immediately stop using once again put into use only by maintenance by a professional engineer.
(2)the use of non-original 55Y9336 supply to be careful. Non-original power adapter output,voltage and current values,there may be some differences (nominal and is not),if the mismatch may affect the stability of the notebook is running, and even more serious consequences.

Localization: Japan

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